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File & Folder Transfer Errors#322

The transfer/move/copy or any type of movement causes YNAW to crash.

I have tried the following methods of transferring folders & files, in and out of the YNAW folder in Drive. Each time the system crashes:

  1. Between Microsoft File manager & Microsoft File manager (cut or copy)
  2. Using ‘Move to’ within Drive
  3. Using ‘Import by move’ within YNAW
  4. Using ‘Import by copy’ within YNAW
  5. Add new folder withing YNAW

YNAW is a great application but so far it has been very unreliable when performing fundamental tasks like moving files & folders around.

I have tried contacting YNAW via online chat and email. I have not recieved any reply or support.

Can someone please help me with this? Thanks

2 months ago