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Delete a wiki by name leaving the subfolders and content as is on google drive#306

I would like the ability to delete or rename my wiki, without having to delete or rename the top folder of the wiki.

I think a feature like this would require the wikis to be createde and stored with info and metadata about the wiki, like:

  • wiki name
  • reference to wiki top folder
  • description of the wiki
  • other relevant data

I would love to see a “Rename wiki” and a “Trash wiki” item (below the “Create a new wiki” item). The “Trash wiki” should simply remove the record/wiki-info of the selected wiki from the metadata storage. And the “Rename wiki” allows me to rename my wiki to something different than the name of the wiki top folder.

A more advanced solution would be a “Manage wiki…” menu item, allowing the user to maintain wiki metadata all together.

4 months ago

Thanks for the great suggestion Asger, I think both of those ideas sound good.

I’m leaning towards the Manage wiki button so all the actions can be grouped under one button.

There is a settings section but it is somewhat hidden at the moment.

Let me know if those are the settings you need. It looks like the description is the only thing missing from the list.


4 months ago

The hidden settings section is a step in the right direction. However, the settings section will only allow for changes to the current selected wiki.

The “Manage wikies…” button I’ve in mind would lead you to a page where all your wikies are listed. You can then ‘highlight’ or select the wiki you want to “Remove”, “Trash”, “Rename” and/or configure.

To create this feature, you may need to keep the wiki distinctly different from the top folder (aka the Drive folder).

Why do I need this feature? By accident I selected an existing folder with lot of content as start folder for a wiki. It was absolutely too much work for YNAW app. I would then remove the doomed wiki from my list of wikies, without loading the wiki and without deleting the folder or any content within.

All the best,

4 months ago

I really like the hidden settings!!! It makes functional on so many ways…

2 months ago