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Move "Link To" option to be accessed from right click instead of highlighting text.#201

Change from [mouse highlight] > [select page to link to]
[mouse highlight] > [right click] > [select “Link to” option from a simple drop down] > [select page] Or something of the like.

Rationale/use case:
When reading or discussing a piece of text in YNAW with a teammate, sometimes I like to highlight parts of the text to help direct their eyes.

Right now in YNAW, this immediately brings up the pop up drop down menu for creating links to other documents. This often blocks a good portion of the text, especially when the wiki has a lot of pages to link to.

a year ago

Thanks Andre, I agree this is a problem.

I’ll update this ticket when a solution is ready to test. It might involve a smaller overlay like outlined here, or via right click as you suggest.

10 months ago