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You Need A Wiki

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Load full GDocs/Sheets editor in Iframe#119 

I thought about the “Edit” button and think the best way to get rid of it and enables other features like Outline view discussed before would be to simple load each document in an iframe, so we have the nice blue Wiki list on the left but the full GDocs/Sheets editor right available without the need for an extra click and avoid the document to load in a new tab. I guess there is no “one fits for all” model but personally I think to directly open the documents in their full editors would be the most clearn and direct approach to present documents and have them open for team work, too.

André Borchert
19 days ago

Thanks Andre, I think you’ve described both the problem and solution very well.

I have a ticket here that I think is related:

I would like to copy over your post as a comment to add the addtional detail and remove this ticket.

If you feel that this is different and should stay it’s own ticket that’s also fine.

Let me know!

Grant Kiely
19 days ago

Feel free to copy it over :) Thx.

André Borchert
19 days ago

Very interesting idea. Please implement. Editing a doc right now takes multiple clicks and this idea will make it easy to edit Docs

Gautham KN
19 days ago